A Christian Committed Adultery!!!

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Praise the Lord: I'm here asking for PRAYER, help and advise, not JUDGES!! A married brother from my local church committed adultery.

He's devastated because his wife (also a christian) asked him for a divorce.

She knows about the act, with proof and everything.

She left the house, and went living with her non christian friends.

Now the only advise she's getting from them are only the negative ones. The brother wants to repent and start a new life. He told me how he's been praying and asking for forgiveness; but his wife is only taking advise, but may not be praying much. The brother prays to start a new life with GOD first, and for GOD to help his wife think according to HIS will, so that she can find it in her heart to forgive her husband.

So, please help this couple pray, so that GOD can bond them together again because it could have been worse.

Maybe GOD has a bigger plan for the brother; it could be that GOD has always wanted to use him for HIS work but couldn't find him the easy way, so HE's getting through him by humiliating him in public.


Thank you
May God Bless U All

Lezlyn, January 24 2009, 11:49 PM

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