What would you say to someone who says....

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I do not curse, drink alcohol, take drugs or participate in wrong things.

I go to church several times a week. Will I go to heaven?

Jack, December 4 2009, 7:59 PM

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I would tell them that those things do not determine whether or not we are going to heaven. Having a relationship with... read more >
Yolefy, 5-Dec-09 11:51 am
But wait! This person says that he has NEVER sinned! read more >
Jack, 6-Dec-09 5:01 pm
hello how r u, im gonna try to answer ur question with the knowledge of God.first of all no one going to heaven 4... read more >
Evans, 13-Dec-09 9:45 am
John 17:3 helps us to know how to get the eternel life. Not keep saying i am a christian and u don't know nothing... read more >
Batheline D, 15-Dec-09 6:24 pm
Sir, are you saying that the bible does not teach that we can go to heaven and live eternally when we die? I think... read more >
Lbinx, 19-Dec-09 10:11 am
There's no where in the bible from genesis to apocalypsis or one verse according to, God intend to bring mankind to... read more >
Evans, 19-Dec-09 12:59 pm
if somebody has no sins that's mean jesus christ didn't die for him and therefore there's no way he can be saved... read more >
Evans, 19-Dec-09 1:09 pm
Evans, you are calling our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a liar. You are calling God, our Creator, a liar. You are... read more >
Lbinx, 20-Dec-09 2:52 pm
Hi Evans! I love ur comment and i sent u a message on ur email. Hope to have the answer soon. bathoue18 at... read more >
Batheline, 20-Dec-09 6:45 pm
Evans is very right. You sir read Jean 17:3. And the eternel life is not in the sky.Because God did not make us to... read more >
Batheline, 20-Dec-09 7:05 pm
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