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Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. It is the place... Jean 13 Jun
Absolutely wonderful site! God bless you and your wife. lbinx Lbinx 25 Jan
As being the Sport regarding Airsoft evolves in global... Remin 23 Jan
A place where you can read news, chat, watch movies, listen to... Cluade 23 Jan
Conservative Christian Websites John Wesley... 1 Dec
Jamesae, Before Jesus Christ came to earth to die on the cross... Jack 26 Jul
How are you jonatan I'm very glad to answer you you can speak... Vallon Jean Robert 4 Feb
Thank you for sharing the TRUTH with Joe, Jack! We will... In Jesus Name 13 Jan
Thanks for your kind replys and answers, all who have made me... Joe 11 Jan
Joe, God is one God, and He is in three forms (the trinity). He... Jack 11 Jan
Jesus christ is not God although a lot of people think so. Evans 11 Jan
if God said thou shalt not have any other gods b Joe 1 Jan
Is there a place called heaven? Yes! The Bible, the word of God... Jack 20 Dec
Evans is very right. You sir read Jean 17:3. And the eternel... Batheline 20 Dec
Hi Evans! I love ur comment and i sent u a message on ur email... Batheline 20 Dec
Evans, you are calling our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a liar... Lbinx 20 Dec
If somebody has no sins that's mean jesus christ didn't die for... Evans 19 Dec
There's no where in the bible from genesis to apocalypsis or... Evans 19 Dec
Sir, are you saying that the bible does not teach that we can... Lbinx 19 Dec
Video: Alleluia Beni Non Bondye Fyi 18 Dec