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John 17:3 helps us to know how to get the eternel life. Not... Batheline D 15 Dec
Hello how r u, im gonna try to answer ur question with the... Evans 13 Dec
But wait! This person says that he has NEVER sinned! Jack 6 Dec
I would tell them that those things do not determine whether or... Yolefy 5 Dec
What would you say to someone who says.... Jack 4 Dec
Hello, Jean. Tell us how you became a Christian. Jack lbinx at... Jack 15 Oct
You are absolutely correct, Sergo Jean. II Chron 7:14  "if... Jack 15 Oct
Trying to ban any religion is not our assignment. Our Lord will... Jack 15 Oct
There are five fundamental beliefs of Christianity: 1. The... Jack 12 Oct
You are correct, Thony. God is the only judge about a person's... Jack 6 Oct
Don't judge no one, don't that to no one you, let's Jesus be... Thony 6 Oct
That is true, Thony. Although Voodoo is not much of a factor... Jack 4 Oct
I don't think so, some people using that like cover, some of... Thony 4 Oct
Witnessing for our Lord Jack 2 Oct
Yes I am one Sergo Jean 1 Oct
Thank you my friend, God bless you and your family... Thony 30 Sep
Good morning Jean Max Estime 28 Sep
God bless u Nerson Labaty 28 Sep
check your pulse Chantal 27 Sep
Thank you, Thony. We should witness for Him everywhere. God... Jack 27 Sep