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Would you like us to consider your music for addition to our programming?

Non Stop Gospel Radio plays Christian music, Sermons, Prayers, Christian Traditional, Bluegrass Gospel, Christian Rock, Christian Contemporary, Jazz Gospel, Praise & Worship genres.

We encourage you to listen to our broadcast.

If you listen to Non Stop Gospel Radio it should be obvious whether your music would fit our programming.

If in doubt, Non Stop Gospel Radio plays a mixture of Christian, Inspirational, Jazz, Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel formats.

If after listening you feel your music would fit in our programming, please send a CD, along with other available content (i.e. bio, press releases, PR packs, current single, web site links, etc)

By submitting your music for our review, you are giving us permission to broadcast your music if it is determined that your music fits our programming.

If a CD is not available, we are able to download MP3 recordings.

Please send us a link to the file(s).

However please understand that using this method to submit your music may delay your music being added to our programming.

We can also accept email submissions at NSGsubmissions [at] or NSGsubmissions [at]

Please understand, your recording, whether on CD or electronic file, should be clear and of professional quality.

With all due respect, it becomes increasingly difficult to broadcast music that was not recorded in a studio.

The mix must be good and the recording itself must be broadcast quality.

Again, please listen to our broadcast to determine if your music would be a good fit.

After receiving your music, we'll listen to it and determine if it fits our programming.

If accepted, we'll begin broadcasting your music when an open slot becomes available

Please do not request a review.

Unfortunately, we do not review music.

Every artist submitted and accepted for addition to our playlists is always eligible to become our "Spotlight Artist" at any given point in time.

For your marketing benefit, you are also encouraged to submit PSA's/sweepers to us. Include your band name/your name and a mention of Non Stop Gospel Radio and a little bit about yourself or link to your website.

You are welcome to be as creative and as original as you would like. It is a requirement; to place a link of Non Stop Gospel Radio on your site.

Your understanding would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much,

"Donations to NonstopGospel are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes."

Eyaluth, September 30 2008, 10:59 AM

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Would you like us to consider your music for addition to our programming? Non Stop Gospel Radio plays Christian music... read more >
Eyaluth, 30-Sep-08 10:59 am


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